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Louisiana law requires all persons selling and/or brokering real estate have a license. This license is acquired through the Louisiana Real Estate Commission.

The mission of the Louisiana Real Estate Commission is to serve and protect the public interest in real estate transactions and other real estate-related activities. The commission was originally created as the Louisiana Board of Real Estate by Act 236 of the 1920 Louisiana Legislature. The purpose of the Board of Real Estate was to "regulate the mode and manner of conducting the affairs and business of real estate."

Major changes to the requirements for licensing were brought about by legislative amendments in 1972. An examination requirement, which made it necessary for each applicant to pass a comprehensive written examination prior to becoming licensed as a broker or salesperson, was one of the most important additions to the law. Other important additions include the first education requirement for salespersons and brokers and a required sworn statement from each applicant attesting that the applicant agreed to abide by the provisions of the federal Fair Housing Act of 1968.

During this long history, many positive changes have been enacted that govern the business practices of real estate licensees and that serve to strengthen and reinforce the existing law.

To find out if a person or firm is a licensed real estate salesperson and/or broker, go here.

Louisiana Real Estate Commission

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