The Construction Process

Shandy Heil, Skinner, Patricia

Building a new home or coordinating extensive rehab work begins long before you pick up hammer and nails. And the preparatory work has become more complex since Louisiana adopted the International Residential Code for statewide use. Most work undertaken by Road Home program participant will be substantial enough to require the services of a general contractor. A general contractor is hired to oversee and coordinate the repair work on your home. While the contractor may do some of the construction, he or she may subcontract the bulk of the work (i.e., roofing, plumbing, and painting). The general contractor can be very helpful because he or she has developed relationships with subcontractors and handles many of the hassles that come with large jobs. The general contractor is paid to oversee all aspects of the project. Depending on the type of work required and the amount of time and resources you have, you may or may not want to pay the added expense of a general contractor.

This section of the web will take you through the planning process, getting bids and selecting a contractor based on bids and other information.  It also provides information on contractor payments, project checklists, closing out the project and the warranty period.

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