Siting and Orientation

Where and how you place the house on your property can have a great influence on its resistance to hazards and its energy efficiency. Proper siting and orientation will result in a building that is sensitive to the local climate and in the end saves you money and offers a longer-lasting and more livable space.

One of your first considerations, whether rebuilding or renovating, should be the site – its relationship to the sun, the threats it faces from nature, access to utilities and any needs that you have for off-street parking and use of outdoor spaces.

Taking into account solar considerations is one way to make your home more energy efficient, and it can help you plan where your public and private spaces should be based on the amount of light and heat they might need at certain times of the day. Furthermore, the history of the site, including its elevation and the threat of flood, high winds and fire, should be considered in making the home resistant to future threats.

1/3/2007 8:00:57 PM
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