Preventing Flood Damage

Six approaches to preventing damage in future floods:

  1. Elevate the building - provides the best on-site protection
  2. Stop floodwater in the yard with levees or floodwalls - prevents pressure and debris impacts on your walls
  3. Stop floodwater at the wall by sealing the building (called "dry floodproofing", it is more appropriate for non-residential buildings).
  4. Stop sewer backup - good for any home, and essential when using barriers, dry floodproofing or wet floodproofing
  5. Raise appliances and utilities - a "wet floodproofing" technique.
  6. Use flood-hardy materials and assemblies.- a "wet floodproofing" technique

Emergency Flood Protection Measures

LaHouse Flood Recovery and Restoration

Flood protection videos

These videos were produced in VHS format and converted to digital wave files and published on YouTube.

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