Elevation Diagram

Elevation Diagram

Structures on piers, posts or pilings:

These buildings have been designed to be supported at identified load-bearing points that are accessible from above ground. Therefore, elevating them is relatively easy, as compared with structures built on slab. These buildings are not typically constructed with brick, stone or block and do not usually have fireplaces and other hard-to-lift components.

Structures on Slabs:

Structures built on slab can be elevated with their slabs or by removing the structure from the slab. The slab elevation process is described in the LSU AgCenter publication 2638, from which the top drawing above is reproduced. The process described in publication 2638 involves extensive excavation of dirt under the home; a newer application of this technology uses shoring techniques to raise the building enough to add steel beams, then continuing the lift using unified hydraulic lifting. With some types of construction, the "elevation" is accomplished by raising only the roof, extending the walls and building a new floor.

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