Restoration of a home may afford a good opportunity to change the way you use existing space in the home. If you are considering shifting spaces in your home, plan ahead. Think about how the new spaces will be used and how they may affect current circulation and behavioral patterns presently established in your home. Incorporate simple and subtle shifts that will better serve your home, not add confusion.

One of the most common methods used to change an existing space is to remove one or more walls to create larger and more open spaces. This effective and relatively simple approach requires careful and professional assessment before beginning any work. Walls are often "load bearing," meaning they support the roof and the overall frame of the house and may also be providing anchors for resisting wind uplift forces. Removing a load-bearing wall could cause part of the house to collapse - if not immediately, then when the home is stressed by wind or other forces. Methods exist to compensate for the load carried by a given wall. It is essential, however, to work with experienced licensed professionals before any such decisions are made.

8/27/2007 7:09:49 PM
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