Garages are great places for vehicular, seasonal, and recreational equipment. A well-organized garage space allows for extra storage capabilities. There are several great ways to fill your garage with ample storage while still maintaining room for vehicles, bikes, barbecue grills, and other large equipment if necessary.

Cabinets, shelving units, wall-mounted units, rolling carts for tools, and other storage systems are plentifully available. Wall-mounted units are especially useful for smaller garages because they free space on the ground for bulky or heavy items. Garages can also be great places for extra refrigerators or freezers that will allow you to free space in your kitchen refrigerator and freezer.

Research and price various types of storage systems. In the process, keep in mind your storage needs, or exactly what you will be storing. There are some items not suitable for garage storage such as valuables and clothes. Garages can be dark, musty, and moldy. Your garage may also house one or more vehicles which emit fumes and other smells that you probably don’t want in your clothes. Even if you use large plastic containers, it is best to avoid the garage for clothes storage unless absolutely necessary.

On the flip side, garages can be great places to store wet items and outdoor equipment. Strategize what you keep in your garage especially if you are located in a flood zone, as the garage may be the first place on your property to receive water. Locate equipment that is not waterproof on upper shelving units where possible, and build the shelves out of material that will not disintegrate (or float) when it stands in water .
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