Like most spaces in the home, bedrooms and bathrooms benefit from the incorporation of natural light and ventilation. The flow of natural air into the space is a great way to cool the atmosphere and maintain a clean, fresh feeling. Well-designed bedrooms and bathrooms help lead to happier and more positive attitudes. They are the usually the first and last places you visit in your day and should be designed to be relaxing and comfortable.

Your bedroom is probably the most private and personal space in your home. It should be a calm and clutter-free environment from which you can unwind in peace. Your bathroom is also a place for relaxation.

In addition to the aesthetic qualities of the rooms, make sure to also address the practical needs associated with each. For example, is there adequate counter space in the bathroom? If your bedroom and bathroom is shared with a spouse or partner, is there enough closet space for both people? Would you benefit from a second sink? Both aesthetic and practical solutions should be considered when designing personal and private space.
1/15/2007 5:36:46 AM
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