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When you’ve committed to adding landscaping to your home, walk or ride around to get some landscaping ideas from other homes of what might work well for your home. While magazines and the Internet may provide useful ideas, these often cater to a national market. Seeing what is being used in your community will give you a better idea of what grows well and is available locally. This will also allow you to get an idea of what other people who have elevated their homes to a similar height have done with landscaping. This page and the following page show samples of people around New Orleans have integrated an elevated first floor into a landscaped yard.

Elevated first floors can make for a nice backdrop for landscaping. Many elevated homes have latticework or painted concrete at a perfect height for a pleasant canvas. Latticework can also be used to train vines to create a living foundation. Ornate pilings, tiles or brick facades also make for nice frames and backgrounds to make colorful flowers pop visually.

Incorporating permanent beds in front of your elevated home, can create a permanent presence from the sidewalk view and can add complementary colors as an accent to your home. Planters can bring life to an empty stairwell. Other options include adding an iron fence or an arbor to train plants and vines.

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