Pier & Beam Construction

Raised houses can be some of the easiest to protect against Formosan subterranean termites. To infest a raised structure, the termites must travel up or through the piers or any other objects connecting the building with the ground. Because the underside of the structure is completely accessible for inspection, termite infestations can be detected before serious damage has occurred. Often infestations of pier houses can be traced to one of only a few common entry points. The Support Piers Porches and Additions Wood-to-Ground Contact Pipes and services - Subterranean termites can use sewage lines, electric conduits and other lines in contact between the house and the soil. These should be treated and inspected. Debris - Bricks, broken bottles, trash, boards with nails, hypodermic needles. While debris under a house may not actually lead to termite infestation, it can hinder an inspector from treating and inspecting properly.

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