2012 Spring Floods

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Locations and recent predictions at river gages. Click the image to visit the active site of the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center.

The LSU AgCenter's interactive mapping portals that also provides USGS-supplied ground elevation at user-selected points.

Spring flood season started early in Louisiana this year with record rainfall in Acadiana. 

This page was created as a guide to LSU AgCenter on-line resources that help our residents understand the threat of flooding, prepare themselves and their property so as to minimize damage, recover from the immediate impacts, and eventually rebuild their homes.

Visit emergency.la.gov for road closures and state proclamations, press releases and other important official  updates.

How high will the rivers get?

Click the image (right) to see TODAY's flood stages and forecasts provided by the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center. While there, click on individual gauges to see record elevations and get a sense of what is threatened when the rivers rise to certain levels at that gauge. Your best source of  information for how high the flood will be in your area is your parish emergency manager. If that information is provided to the LSU AgCenter with appropriate authorization we will place it in our on-line mapping system.

How high (or low) is your property?

The LSU AgCenter has two mapping services/sites that ANYONE can use to find ground elevation at ANY spot in Louisiana. If you are given a forecast for the flood level "at your place", you can subtract the ground elevation to estimate flood depth. One of these sites also shows the Flood Insurance Rate Maps for your area. These are not historic flooding maps and they are not flood forecast maps, but they do show you if you are in or near one of the most floodprone areas. 

Prepare, Prevent Damage, Recover, Rebuild

Preventing Flood Damage  (includes emergency and permanent methods, with videos)
You can protect your building from shallow flooding.     Emergency measures

Are you Ready?  Grabbing your essential documents; stocking up on food, water, medicines; making a family disaster plan; talking to the children; and other steps you take to get ready for evacuating or living primitively at home after the disaster and finding each other if you get separated in the disaster.

Preparedness for Livestock   Fact sheets for beef, dairy, goat, sheep and horse producers, and on horse boarding facilities.
Animal Response Hotline - Small Animals and Horses only.  Help or Volunteer   LVMA/LaSART

Flood Recovery Resources  From staying safe and preventing mold damage to cleaning up, salvaging goods and dealing with stress.  
See also LSU AgCenter Disaster Recovery Publications

Rebuilding and Restoration  A guide to making rebuilding and restoration decisions, rebuilding in a building-code environment, reestablishing the lawn, and building safer, stronger and smarter.

2012 Spring Flood pages

State  "Emergency" website:       Single entry point state agencies and emergency messages
Louisiana Voluntary Orgnanizations Active in Disasters  www.LaVOAD.org

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