How to Help

How can you help?

While it was only detected in 2016, it appears to be well established in the southeastern parishes. Right now, we are not sure how the scale is spreading and what other plants might serve as potential hosts. As a result, we are asking everyone who comes in contact with roseau cane to exercise caution. Please do not cut and move cane between sites. Also, please rinse things that may have come in contact with roseau cane like boots and boats, especially if traveling between eastern and western parishes.

You can also help us keep our distribution map up to date! We can’t be everywhere at once, and the time we can spend updating our distribution map is limited. You can help by submitting your observations to our Qualtrix survey form by clicking here.

There you will be asked for information we can use to document the spread of the scale. Some of the data we will need are the date, your GPS location, whether you found the scale or not (it is important to know where the scale isn’t too!), how many stems you inspected, how many stems were infested, and for pictures of the roseau cane and the scale. If you’re feeling particularly helpful, you can collect the top 5 leaves off a stem, place them in a paper bag or envelope (not plastic!), write the GPS coordinates on the bag, and mail them to Dr. Rodrigo Diaz, 402 Life Sciences Bldg., Baton Rouge, LA 70803.

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