Tip Tuesday: Aquatic Weed Management During Winter

LSU AgCenter adjunct professor Christopher Mudge discusses winter aquatic weed management. This video is part of the LSU AgCenter Tip Tuesday video series.

Tip Tuesday - Giant vs Common Salvinia

LSU AgCenter assistant entomology professor Rodrigo Diaz explains the difference between two common invasive aquatic weeds, giant and common salvinia. This video is part of the LSU AgCenter Tip Tuesday video series!

Giant Salvinia in Louisiana

Giant Salvinia is a major problem in Louisiana's waterways. A Brazilian invasive species, it requires the work of state, higher ed, and public landowners to control.

Giant and Common Salvinia Control

LSU AgCenter adjunct professor Christopher Mudge discusses identification and control methods for giant and common salvinia.

The Proper Technique for Releasing Salvinia Weevils

The proper technique for releasing Salvinia weevils

How to identify giant versus common salvinia

How to identify giant versus common salviniajpg

How to identify giant versus common salviniapdf

Recent Publications

Korey Pham, Christopher Mudge, Hannah Laville, and Rodrigo Diaz. Management Options and Outreach for Louisiana's Giant Problem: Giant Salvinia PDF

Korey Pham, Hannah Laville, and Rodrio Diaz. What we do at LSU: Weevil Rock You PDF

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