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Dr. Rodrigo Diaz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Entomology. His research program focuses on biological control of invasive species. In addition to giant salvinia, Dr. Diaz also leads projects on biological control of emerald ash borer, Roseau cane scale, and air potato in Louisiana.

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Dr. Christopher Mudge is an Adjunct Professor to the School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences. Dr. Mudge’s research specialties are management of submersed, emergent, and floating invasive aquatic weeds, evaluation of registered aquatic herbicides, and screening of new and experimental herbicides against target and non-target/native aquatic plant species.

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Charlie Wahl is a Research Associate and Ph.D. student in the Diaz Lab. Charlie is responsible for managing all aspects of the giant salvinia weevil mass-rearing operation in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF). His Ph.D. research will focus on sampling macroinvertebrates that live in association with giant salvinia.

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