Detection Tips

Gregg Henderson, Dunaway, Christopher R.

One of the first signs that a tree is infested with Formosan termites is shelter tubes constructed on the exterior of the trunk. These can sometimes be difficult to see, especially on trees with rough bark. Photo by Chris Dunaway.

Dig into the soil between the root flares with a hand trowel. If termites are there, they are usually easy to find. Photo by Chris Dunaway.

Another place to detect Formosan termites early in a tree is at the base of the tree between the root flares. In many cases termites can be found in this area when no other signs of infestation are visible. Photo by Chris Dunaway.

Formosan termites can also be found in pruning scars where limbs were removed. These sites are especially active in the spring during swarm season. The termites use sites like the one in the photo as launch pads for thousands of winged alates. By the time the termites are visible at these sites, serious damage to the tree is possible and the tree should be examined by a qualified arborist. Photo by Chris Dunaway.

4/15/2005 6:40:48 PM
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