Wood to Ground Contact

Gregg Henderson, Dunaway, Christopher R.

Figure 1: This wood to ground contact was intended for installing a barrier against animal intrusion to the crawlspace. It helps termites, however.

Figure 2: Exposed termite shelter tube that was aided by wood to ground contact

Figure 3: Wood to ground contact against solid concrete pier


Wood to ground contact in any type of structure is an invitation for subterranean termite infestation.

These photos came from a house where the homeowner attached boards to the piers to hold lattice between the openings.

In figure 2, close inspection reveals Formosan termites using the board as a bridge to enter the house.

Figure 3 shows that at some point in the history of the same house, someone repaired the sill and placed this large wood beam as a support. Now the Formosan termites are also using it as an entrance point into the house.

This picture depicts another fairly common problem. In this example the old wooden porch was replace with concrete. These form boards should have been removed after the cement had dried.

The vertical 2" x 4" board is nothing but a large shelter tube now and more mud pack can be seen at the right end of the cross beam.

This house is also suffering from a major debris problem.

4/18/2005 9:40:38 PM
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