Standard Conditions Scientific Collecting (wild birds): 50 CFR 21.23 Conditions

Dale K. Pollet  |  4/25/2006 8:13:44 PM

1. Permittee, and subpermittees, shall carry and display, upon request, a copy of this permit whenever exercising its authority.

2. Failure to comply with ANY of these conditions listed may result in the immediate suspension of this permit. All requirements of 5O CFR 21.23 apply.

3. Authorization granted herein shall not be exercised contrary to the laws of the appropriate state, county, municipal, tribal, or foreign government or any other applicable laws.

4. Permittee shall maintain records as required in 50 CFR 13.46 and 50 CFR 21.23(c)(4).

5. All required records relating to permitted activities shall be kept at the location as indicated in writing by permittee to the issuing office.

6. Live birds taken and retained alive must he released at the capture site unless otherwise authorized on the face of the permit.

7. Dead specimens or any parts thereof (except bald and golden eagles and endangered and/or threatened species) shall be promptly destroyed by burial or incineration if they are unsuitable for donation. All suitable carcasses or parts thereof may be disposed of by donation to a public museum or scientific or educational institution as defined in 50 CFR 10.12 for exhibit, scientific, or educational purposes, or as directed by the issuing office.

8. This permit DOES NOT authorize the take or release of specimens on federal or state lands or other public or private property without additional written authorization, permission, or permits from the applicable federal or state agency, landowner, or custodian.

9. This permit DOES NOT authorize the take or live trapping and release of bald or golden eagles and/or federally listed threatened or endangered species

10. Nontoxic shot must he used with the following exceptions:

a. may use lead shot when non-toxic shot is not produced in the small sizes needed to preserve the integrity of the specimens;

b. may use lead shot in habitats where its use is allowed for sport hunting purposes.

11. Unless otherwise authorized on this permit, all migratory game birds taken during open hunting season must be in compliance with all applicable federal and state hunting regulations.

12. Each bird collected and/or salvaged shall be tagged by the permittee. Each tag shall have the following information: (a) date and location specimen was collected, (b) name of person who collected the specimen, and (c) the permit number under which the specimen was collected.

I3. The annual report may contain copies of final reports, publications, etc., on the findings that result from the project.

14. If salvage activities are authorized, any salvaged endangered or threatened species or bald or golden eagles must be reported to the issuing office within 48 hours.

15. Acceptance of this permit authorizes inspection in accordance with 50 CFR 13.47.


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