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Insect Repellent Fact Sheet

Please click here for the LSU AgCenter publication 2871, Insect Repellents.

People who work or play outdoors are often attacked by numerous species of insects, ticks and mites. If you choose or are required to be outside when insects are active, use a repellent. This publication explains how repellents are chemical substances that protect people from insect attack by making the body unattractive or offensive to insects. A repellent does not have to kill insects to be effective, although it may. (PDF Format Only)

School-aged Children's Learning Activity

Please click here for the LSU AgCenter learning activity, Fight the Bite! Be a Sketter Buster!

Lesson activity for 4th-12th graders on fighting off mosquitoes.

Are Mosquitoes Bugging You? Poster

Please click here for the LSU AgCenter poster, Are Mosquitoes Bugging You?

A poster containing information on how to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

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