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The contacts listed below are provided as an informational service. The LSU AgCenter does not endorse, warrant or recommend any person or business listed here.

*Fees depend on situation and travel distance.

All names listed are in alphabetical order.

Northeastern Louisiana

Name Phone Number
Email/Website Services Offered Areas Serviced
William Barnes 318-418-3738
  • Will capture and trap swarms as well as do cut outs but I do not repair the cut out
  • No charge for removals
  • West Carroll Parish and surrounding areas
Andy Bush 318-381-0191
  • Swarm collection
  • Within 50 miles of Spearsville, La
Billy Davis 318-396-3938
  • Swarm collection
  • Bee removal
Daniel Day 337-842-8705
  • Honeybee removal from: homes, barns, outhouses, electrical boxes, under trailers, etc.
  • Establish all bees removed into hive boxes
  • Maybe a fee
  • Located in Lake Charles but will travel all over
Derrick Devereux

D's Bees

  • Swarm collection
  • Bee removal
  • Monroe and surrounding areas
Amanda Dye
Tamrin Ingram
  • Franklin and Richland parish
Ken Ensminger 318-481-1740 (C)


  • Swarm removal
  • Honeybee removal from walls and structures (only within 20 miles of Vidalia)
  • 50 mile radius of Vidalia
Ty Estilette
  • Travel to every area of the state
Keith Evans 318-381-4047
  • Swarm collection
Tommy Gallagher 318-614-6503
  • Swarm collection
  • Traps
  • Cutouts
  • Ruston
William Graves 318-878-0469
  • Swarm collection
  • Bee removal from structures
  • North Franklin parish near Delhi
Donald Henderson, Jr. 318-722-3353 (H)

318-372-2973 (C)

  • Swarm collection
  • Bee removal
Steve Holmes 318-368-6777


  • Swarm collection
  • Bee removal
  • Charges a fee
  • Travels any distance
Ronnie Jinks 318-341-0158
  • Swarm collection
  • Bee removal from structures
  • Franklin parish and nearby
Mark Knight 318-282-0067
  • 75 mile radius of Rayville
James Marsalis 318-338-0224 (pager)
  • Swarm collection
  • Bee removal from structures
Richard Metcalf 337-354-6997
  • Swarm removal
  • Cutouts from all structures
  • Guaranteed results for all work performed!
  • Located in Hathaway but travel statewide for removals

Amanda Whatley Miller

Payne Lane Farms

  • Honeybee removal from: homes, barns, outhouses, electrical boxes, under trailers, trees, and other odd but common places bees are found
  • Establish all bees removed into hive boxes for local apiary
  • We bring our own equipment unless scaffolding or lifts are necessary.
  • Usual fee is less than $500.00
  • Licensed Trapper
  • Friday - Monday
  • Honey is sold via apiary‚Ķ We do not give honey, comb, or bee wax away.
  • North Central parish
  • Northeast parish
Jerry Robbins

Trapper J Wildlife and Honeybee Removal
  • Specialize in live capture of honeybee swarms
  • honeybee removal all residential/commercial structures and will repair any structural damage as a result of honeybee infestations
  • Also eradicate bumblebees, carpenter bees, yellow jackets, and wasps
Joshua Whittenberg 318-201-4288
Daniel Williamson 318-535-3515
  • Swarm relocation
  • Honeybee relocation in outlaying structures (barns, pump houses, sheds)
  • No charge
  • Will not do cut-outs on residential houses

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