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The contacts listed below are provided as an informational service. The LSU AgCenter does not endorse, warrant or recommend any person or business listed here.

*Fees depend on situation and travel distance.

All names listed are in alphabetical order.

Baton Rouge Area

Name Phone Number
Email/ Website
Services Offered Servicing Areas
Troy Aarons 225-281-1930
  • Live capture of honeybee swarms and will remove honeybees from all residential & commercial walls/structures, and trees
  • Can also take care of any bumble bee, yellow jacket, and wasp problems.
  • 10 years of experience at relocating honeybees
  • Greater Baton Rouge
  • Lafayette
  • New Orleans
  • Northshore
Andrew Adams 225-450-6630

318-426-0048 (C)
  • Swarm removal of bees
  • More than 10 years' experience
  • Member of EBR and Baton Rouge Beekeepers Association
Emil Albrecht

AA Live Bee Removal
  • Removal of honeybees, yellow jackets and bumble bees from residential, commercial and industrial structures and trees.
  • Member of Capital Area and Ascension Parish Beekeepers Associations.
  • Insured & Licensed State Registered Beekeeper #14-1630. Serving South Louisiana Since 2009.
  • Free written estimates.

  • South Louisiana
Jason Allen 225-571-9954 Jason@stopfire.com
  • Remove and relocate honeybee swarms and existing colonies
  • Greater Baton Rouge area
  • Kenner
  • Metairie
  • New Orleans
Cecil Alton 225-615-4535 Cecilsmith1973@gmail.com
  • Bee and swarm removal and relocation
  • Ascension parish
  • Florida parish
  • Livingston parish
Gray Bailey 225-571-0874
  • Live capture of honeybees and swarms from trees, homes, and structures
  • Baton Rouge
  • South Central parishes
Eddie Beard 225-268-9136
  • Collect and remove swarms
  • East Baton Rouge parish
Mike Bourgeois 225-323-3963 (C)

225-339-2536 (W)
  • Collect swarms
  • Ascension parish
Troy Bozeman 225-953-2424
  • Live capture and removal of honeybees, other bees, wasps,and yellow jackets from trees, walls and other structures
  • All parts of Louisiana
Scott Burchfield 225-678-6019 (C) sburchfield7052@gmail.com
  • will travel within 75 miles of Maurepas
Michael Chukalov 225-276-4504
  • Collect swarms and remove honeybees from walls and other structures
  • will travel within 40 miles of Baton Rouge
Daniel Day 337-842-8705
  • Honeybee removal from: homes, barns, outhouses, electrical boxes, under trailers, etc.
  • Establish all bees removed into hive boxes
  • Maybe a fee
  • Located in Lake Charles, will travel all over
Jim Dellafiora 225-356-3534 (H)
  • Collect swarms
  • East Baton Rouge parish
Doug Doremus 225-293-7497 (H)
  • Collect swarms
  • East Baton Rouge parish
Jesse Erwin 225-954-3134
  • Removal of swarms & colonies, live capture of honeybees
  • Will remove yellow jackets & wasps from any structure or tree
  • Member of the Capital Area Beekeepers Association & Ascension Parish Beekeepers Association
  • 10 year's experience
  • Free estimate & education about your bee problem
  • Same day service
  • Will travel throughout Louisiana & parts of Mississippi
Ty Estilette bigdogbees@aol.com
  • Travel to any area in the state
Tracy Frazier 225-937-4910 tafrazier@cox.net
  • Will collect swarms and remove honeybees from walls and structures
  • East Baton Rouge parish
Jeff Gardner 225-719-1099
  • Would rather not remove from walls
  • East Feliciana Area
Gary Gutermuth 225-614-7874 gary.gutermuth@gmail.com
  • East Baton Rouge parish
  • Southeast parishes
  • South Central parishes
Russell Harris III 985-788-7064
  • Will collect swarms
  • East Baton Rouge parish
  • Florida parishes including St. Tammany and Orleans
Patrick Hunt 225-726-8891
  • Will collect swarms free of charge
  • East and West Baton Rouge parish
Dru Ingram 225-284-7147
  • Honeybee removal from structures, trees and municipal buildings
  • swarm collection.
  • Ascension parish
  • Livingston parish
  • Iberville parish
  • East Baton Rouge parish
  • St. James parish
  • Will travel across the state to assist in large jobs
Rusty Jacob 504-416-1310 Blazr190@hotmail.com
  • Removals and swarm retrievals
  • May be a fee
  • Southeast parishes
  • South Central parishes
Jerry Jacobsen 225-791-1719
  • Collect swarms and remove bees, yellow jackets, or wasps from structures
  • Will travel 25 miles from Denham Springs
Stephen LeBlanc

Steve's Bees LLC
225-255-0349 stevesbees225@gmail.com
  • Live structural removals of Honeybees, yellow jackets, and bumble bees from residential, commercial, and industrial structures
  • Commercially insured
  • State registered
Gary Louque

The Bee Man
  • Experienced in removal of honeybees (live capture if possible) from residential homes, commercial, industrial, municipal buildings, schools, churches, structures and trees.
  • Get professional service and guaranteed results!
  • Free estimate & education about your problem
  • Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes
Ray McCon 225-247-4008 ray@walkerbaptist.org
  • No cost swarm removals
  • Live capture for safe relocation
  • Cutouts from structures in emergencies (cost on a case-by-case basis)
  • Member of the Capital Area Beekeepers Assoc.
  • Walker
  • Livingston
  • Denham Springs
Richard Metcalf 337-354-6997
  • Remove swarms, cut outs from all structures
  • Guaranteed results for all work performed
  • Located in Hathaway but travel statewide
Michael Meek 225-614-0740 (C)
  • Denham Springs
  • Baton Rouge
  • Walker
John Nogueras

Buzy Bayou Naturals
985-774-9887 buzybayou@gmail.com
  • Live capture of honeybees and swarms from trees, homes, and structures
  • Located in Lacombe, LA
  • St Tammany
Dale Peru 985-320-6232
  • Live capture of honeybees
  • Will collect swarms and remove honeybees from walls and structures
Jason Pittman 225-324-7087

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  • Baton Rouge
  • Livingston
  • Ascension
  • Avoyelles
John Rimes 225-324-1241 john.rcm@yahoo.com
  • Swarm removal
  • Cutouts free of charge
  • Estimates given to repair what may have been damaged in the removal
  • East Baton Rouge parish
  • Florida parishes
Paula Rodriguez

Zydeco Bee Farm

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  • No cost swarm removal & relocation
  • Bee education
  • Fluent in American Sign Language
  • Honey and some equipment sales
  • Ascension parish
  • Baton Rouge parish area & about an hour radius
David Taylor 225-654-6569 (H)

225-933-4549 (C)
  • Will collect swarms
  • Remove honeybees from walls and structures
  • East and West Baton Rouge parishes or a radius of 40 miles
Robert Taylor 985-386-4647 (H)

985-969-4647 (C)
  • Will collect swarms
  • Remove bees from structures
  • Will travel within 100 miles from Ponchatoula
Stacey Singleton 337-247-5366
  • Swarm removals and colony relocations
  • East Baton Rouge parish
  • Southeast parishes
  • Central parish
  • South Central parish
Jesus Urrechaga 225-766-9554 jurrechaga@hotmail.com.
  • Swarm removal
  • South Baton Rouge
Charlie Wagner 504-975-5901 chwag419@gmail.com
  • Swarm and hive removal
  • Located in Hammond
  • Will travel to Baton Rouge
  • Metairie
  • Covington
  • Mandeville
Luke Wagner 225-572-3239
  • Experienced beekeeper with a passion for helping honeybees
  • Thank you for looking here instead of calling an exterminator!
  • Baton Rouge area
Jason White 225-571-9954
  • Live honeybee hive and swarm removals from homes, structures and trees
  • Located in Prairieville
  • Will travel to South Central parish
  • Florida parish
  • East Baton Rouge and surrounding area

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