Bee Ready Vol. 76 - November 2006

Dale K. Pollet  |  12/4/2006 6:21:11 AM

Several years ago we implemented the honey and beeswax contest at the Louisiana State Fair to introduce the public to the world of honeybees and their products. This competition among clubs and individuals determined who had the best honey and introduced people to the true colors and flavors of honey instead of just the processed blends that are found in stores. This contest also opened the doors for several beekeepers to receive additional income by providing local and chain store markets with their honey. Beekeeping clubs became active in the local and state fairs and set up booths with honey-tasting exhibits. Beekeepers started giving talks at schools and for other organizations on the value of honeybees and their products from the hive. 4-H students called, visited and utilized the local beekeepers for help with their honeybee essays, resulting in several regional winners.

The wax contest was dropped due to lack of entries. A few years ago, the honey competition lost half of the usual number of entries, and the last two honey competitions had only 13 to 17 samples entered. Due to the reduced number of entries, we are officially removing the honey competition from the state fair. At a later date, the competition will be moved to the state beekeepers meeting if enough requests are made for it to continue. The purpose of the competition was effective to increase the markets for honey and to inform the public about the broad range of honey colors and flavors.

By increasing interest in these little insects, especially to our young people who are our future beekeepers and consumers, the world of the honeybee will continue to be valuable to our state and the agricultural community.

This year’s winners of the honey competition are:

Light Honey

1. Ashley Coco, Concordia
2. Jannett Cancella, St. Charles
3. Ginger Coco, Concordia
4. Jim Procell, Bossier
5. Joey Andrews, Beauregard 

Amber Honey

1. Maurice Moore, East Baton Rouge
2. Brenda Brown, East Baton Rouge
3. Tom Love, East Baton Rouge
4. Taylor Conrad, East Baton Rouge
5. Greg Morris, Bossier 

Dark Honey

1. Jim Pratt, Sabine
2. Ed Miller, Bossier
3. Doug Doremus, East Baton Rouge
4. Gail Doremus, East Baton Rouge
5. Elizabeth Holloway, East Baton Rouge

I have enjoyed the competition. We must continue to develop new ideas to promote honey and beekeeping for the betterment of us all.


Dale Pollet

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