Pre-Harvest Planning

6/2/2009 11:11:19 PM

Harvesting operations cause a temporary disturbance in the forest. Pre-harvest planning is critical to ensure that operations are conducted in a manner that minimizes impact to water quality.

Note: During harvest design, careful planning and the use of BMPs will minimize soil disturbance and maintain water quality.

BMPs for Planning

  1. Identification and delineation of sensitive areas such as SMZs, ephemeral streams, bogs, fragile soils and steep slopes.
  2. Use of aerial photographs, timber stand maps, topographic maps and soil surveys to aid in locating log decks or "sets," skid trails and access roads.
  3. The timing and type of harvest depend on soil moisture (hydrology), topography, soil type and soil conditions.
  4. The application of stabilizing or surfacing materials to roads, for example, stone or board run mats applied to potential trouble spots before the operation begins.
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