Landings Log Decks and Sets

6/9/2009 12:00:22 AM

Landings, log decks and sets are temporary locations where logs are assembled for temporary storage, loading and transportation.

BMPs for Landings

  1. Use no more sets than are necessary.
  2. Make sets no larger than necessary.
  3. Locate sets on firm, well-drained ground away from streams.
  4. Locate log sets on a slight slope (less than 5%) for drainage whenever possible.
  5. Locate sets so skidding will have a minimal impact on the natural drainage pattern.
  6. Locate sets where skidding will avoid road ditches, sensitive sites and excessive slopes.
  7. Reshape disturbed areas to minimize soil erosion.
  8. Seed and fertilize bare areas that would erode before natural vegetation is re-established.


Locating log decks in SMZs or other sensitive areas.

Locating log decks where they might result in skidding through sensitive areas.

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