2010 Small Grain Performance Trials

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Small grain variety trials are conducted annually by scientists of the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station (LAES) to evaluate grain yield, agronomic performance, and disease reaction of varieties and advanced lines. The trials are conducted at seven LAES research stations representative of the major soil and climate regions of the state. Entries are included in the trials based upon previous performance or at the request of the originating agency. Inclusion of an entry in the trials does not constitute an endorsement by the LAES.

LAES Research Summary 185: Entire report including all items below: (pdf)

Individual Exhibits
Front Cover (pdf)   (word)
Inside Cover (pdf)  (word)
Table of Contents (pdf)  (word) .

Introduction (pdf)  (word)
Traits and Rating Scale (pdf)  (word)
Results and Discussion (pdf)  (word)

Tables and Figures
Weather Data (pdf)  (word)

South Louisiana Wheat Data
Table 1: South Louisiana, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 2: Two-year South Louisiana (pdf)  (excel)
Table 3: Three-Year South Louisiana (pdf)  (excel)
Table 4: Baton Rouge, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 5: Crowley, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)

North Louisiana Data
Table 6: North Louisiana, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 7: Two-year North Louisiana (pdf)  (excel)
Table 8: Three-year North Louisiana (pdf)  (excel)
Table 9: Alexandria, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 10: Bossier City, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 11: St. Joseph, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 12: Winnsboro, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)

Across Louisiana Data
Table 13: Statewide, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 14: Statewide, Two years (pdf)  (excel)
Table 15: Statewide, Three years (pdf)  (excel)

Other Wheat Data Tables
Table 16: USDA Uniform Southern Wheat Nursery at Baton Rouge (pdf)  (excel)
Table 17: USDA Uniform Southern Wheat Nursery at Winnsboro (pdf)  (excel)
Table 18: LAES Preliminary Yield Trial >A= at Baton Rouge, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 19: LAES Preliminary Yield Trial >A= at Winnsboro, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 20: LAES Preliminary Yield Trial >A= across three locations, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)

Oat Data
Table 21: Statewide, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 22: Statewide, Two years (pdf)  (excel)
Table 23: Statewide, Three years (pdf)  (excel)
Table 24: Baton Rouge, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 25: Bossier City, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 26: Winnsboro, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)
Table 27: USDA Uniform Winter Oat Yield Nursery at Baton Rouge, 2010 (pdf)  (excel)

Appendix A (pdf)  (word)

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