Sugarcane Ripener Recommendations - Moddus Program

Kenneth Gravois, Dalley, Caleb, Orgeron, Albert  |  9/11/2013 9:18:05 PM

Sugarcane Ripening with a Moddus Program

Moddus - Sugarcane Ripener

The plant growth regulator Moddus is labeled for use as a ripener on sugarcane in Louisiana. Moddus can be applied to all crops in the sugarcane crop cycle. The recommended rate for Moddus for ripening sugarcane in Louisiana is 16-19 oz./acre. The label states that Moddus can be applied 28-60 days prior to sugarcane harvest; higher theoretical recoverable sugar per ton of cane (TRS) response was achieved in the 50- to 60-day range.

Moddus ripener rates for sugarcane grown in Louisiana.


Label Rate Range

----------------- Ounces per acre ----------------





Sugarcane Ripener Recommendations - Moddus Program
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