2015 Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board Funded Projects

Frances Gould  |  8/14/2015 9:01:09 PM

Ag Economics $56,270
Costs & Returns from Irrigating
Soybeans & Field Corn in Louisiana, Krishna Paudel

Industry (Producers, Consultants, Suppliers, etc.)
 Survey of Utilization of Research Information & Future Needs, Kurt Guidry

Biological & Ag Engineering $29,000
Electrically-Charged Fungicide Adjuvant, Cristina Sabliov

Communications $7,500
2015 Louisiana Soybean & Grain Research & Promotion Board Report, Frankie Gould

Pocket Field Guide for Corn & Sorghum Weed, Insect and Disease Identification, Frankie Gould

Dean Lee Research Station $420,575
Agronomic Research to Improve Soybean Production in Louisiana, Ron Levy

Soybean and Grain On-Farm Demonstration Program, Ron Levy

Corn On-Farm Demonstration Program, Dan Fromme

Reevaluation of Three-cornered Alfalfa Hopper Pest Status in Louisiana Soybeans, Julien Beuzelin

The Effects of Drought & Salt Stress on Soybean Insect Pest Management, Julien Beuzelin

Soybean Weed Management Systems in Louisiana, Daniel Stephenson

Weed Management Systems for Feed Grain Crops in Louisiana, Daniel Stephenson

Variety Evaluations & Wheat Disease Management in Corn and Grain Sorghum in Louisiana, Boyd Padgett

Development of UAV Technologies for Soybean & Small Grain Crops, Randy Price

Entomology $88,725
Integrated Management of Changing Soybean Insect Pest Complexes, Jeff Davis

Soybean Looper Population Growth Rates on Herbicide-resistant Weeds, Jeff Davis

Development of Improved Programs for Managing Major Insect
Pests of Corn and Grain Sorghum in Louisiana, Fangneng Huang

Bob R. Jones-Idlewild Research Station $40,000
Development of Control Options for Feral Swine in Soybean fields, Glen Gentry

Macon Ridge Research Station $367,316
Timing of Irrigation Initiation and Termination on Soybean Yield in Northeast Louisiana, Josh Lofton

Improving Nitrogen Management in Row Crop Production in Louisiana, Josh Lofton

Refining Soybean Insect IPM Strategies for Louisiana, David Kerns

Updating Field Corn & Grain Sorghum IPM Strategies, David Kerns

Evaluating Management Decisions on Late-Season Losses in Louisiana Soybean Production, Josh Lofton

Improving Soil Fertility & Agronomic Management in Louisiana Soybean Production, Josh Lofton

Management Strategies for Double Crop Soybeans, Josh Lofton

Research and Extension Programs in Wheat Production, Josh Lofton

Managing Diseases in Louisiana Grain Sorghum, Trey Price

Corn Disease Management in Louisiana, Trey Price

Louisiana Wheat Disease Management, Trey Price

Foliar Soybean Disease Management in Louisiana, Trey Price

Soilborne Soybean Disease Management in Louisiana, Trey Price

Integration of Cover Crops in Louisiana Production,
Lisa Fultz, Josh Lofton, Syam Dodla, Daniel Stephenson

Northeast Research Station $171,239
Soil Test Recommendation Comparison of Five Laboratories in the Midsouth, Beatrix Haggard

In-field Evaluation of Soil Fertility for Soybean & Corn, Beatrix Haggard

Optimizing Potassium & Phosphorus Management for Corn & Soybean Production, Beatrix Haggard

Soybean Weed Control Research in Northeast Louisiana, Donnie Miller

Development of Weed Management Programs in Northeast Louisiana Corn and Grain Sorghum, Donnie Miller

Evaluating Production Inputs in Soybean & Corn via Omission Trials, Beatrix Haggard

Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers (EENF) Under Simulated Heavy Rainfall Conditions, Beatrix Haggard

Plant Pathology $297,209
Using Molecular Biology to Control Soybean Diseases Cercospora Leaf Blight and Rust, Zhi-Yuan Chen

Cercospora Leaf Blight Disease of Soybean – Explore New Approaches for Management, Zhi-Yuan Chen

Epiphytic Bacteria and/or Their Metabolites for Control of Aflatoxin Contamination of Corn, Kenneth Damann

Measuring Yield Losses Due to Diseases of Soybeans, Clayton Hollier

Soybean Disease (including rust) Sentinel Plot Scouting Program, Clayton Hollier

Optimization of Fungicide Usage for Management of Soybean Diseases, Raymond Schneider

Assessing Genetic Diversity in Cercospora Kikuchii, the Cercospora Leaf Blight Pathogen, Raymond Schneider

Management of Cercospora Leaf Blight of Soybean with Foliar Applications of Iron and Other Minor Elements,
Raymond Schneider

Survey for Soybean Green Stem Disorder & Investigations on Graft & Seed Transmission, Rodrigo Valverde

Red River Research Station $137,239
Soybean Breeding and Variety Development, Blair Buckley

Evaluation of Plant Response to Soil Moisture Regimes in Soybean, Stacia Davis

Effect of Skip-Row Furrow Irrigation on Crop Growth, Water & Nutrient Use Efficiency in Soybean & Corn Production under Different Soil Types, Syam Dodla

Optimization of Nutrient Use Efficiency of Corn Through Integrated Use of Organic & Inorganic N Fertilizers Under Different Irrigation Regimes, Syam Dodla

Evaluation of Recycled Tailwater Irrigation on Soil Nutrients, Soil Salinity Distribution & Soybean Yield in Louisiana,
Changyoon Jeong

Rice Research Station $64,710
Evaluation of Soybean Cultural and Fertility Practices in Southwest Louisiana, Dustin Harrell

School of Plant, Environmental & Soil Sciences $193,425
Development of DNA-Based Markers to Complement Wheat Breeding for Herbicide & Disease Resistance, Niranjan Baisakh

Weed Management & Biology Research in Soybeans, James Griffin

Small Grain Breeding, Variety Development, and Variety Testing, Stephen Harrison

Improved Grain Sorghums for Louisiana, Gerald Myers

Soil Fertility Research: Improving Yield & Alleviating Disease in Grain Production, Brenda Tubaña

Total $1,873,208

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