Herbicide Injury

Guy Padgett  |  8/20/2011 12:25:41 AM

Dinitroaniline Herbicides

Dinitroaniline herbicides include many common preemergence herbicides such as Treflan, and Prowl. Injury usually occurs when rates that exceed the label are used. Dinitroaniline injury is often temporary and is not economically important, unless stands are reduced.

Symptoms include delayed emergence and some stunting under cool, wet soil conditions. Hypocotyls are often enlarged and secondary roots are short and stubby.

Triazine Herbicides

This includes herbicides such as atrazine and metribuzin (Lexone and Sencor). Atrazine which is not labeled for use in soybeans, kills soybeans often as a result of residual herbicide from previous crops.

Although labeled for soybean use, metribuzin injury occurs when application is made at rates exceeding the label or when applied to sensitive cultivars. Injury may also occur from herbicide being concentrated in low areas following heavy rains. Symptoms include chlorosis, marginal necrosis, leaf abscission, and death of the plant.

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