Texasweed (Caperonia palustris)

John K. Saichuk, Webster, Eric P.  |  3/17/2005 5:49:00 AM

Texasweed is also known as Mexicanweed and Birdeye. Its flowers are either staminate (male) or pistillate (female), making the plant monoecious.

The fruit of Texasweed are three loculed. Each locule contains one seed. It is the popularity of this seed as a food source for birds that gives the plant the common name Birdeye.

The leaves of Texasweed are arranged alternately on the stem of the plant. Both leaves and stem are coarsely pubescent or hairy. Even though it is in the milkweed family, it lacks latex.

The long narrow leaves of Texasweed give it the common name "Mules' Ears" in one locality. They are deeply veined and have a distinctly serrated margin.

Texasweed (Caperonia palustris)
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