Louisianas Suggested Chemical Weed Control Guide

Billy James Williams, Millhollon, Eddie P., Webster, Eric P., Saichuk, John K., Boudreaux, James E., Strahan, Ronald E., Smith, Tara, Stephenson, Daniel O., Himelrick, David G., Sanders, Dearl E., Levy, Ronnie, Pyzner, John R., Griffin, James L., Twidwell, Edward K., Owings, Allen D.  |  3/9/2005 2:13:42 AM

This 2012 guide includes helpful information on herbicides and weed control with detailed suggestions for aquatics, commercial nursery stock, field crops, forestry, fruit crops, home gardens, lawns and many other Louisiana crops. It includes information on different types of herbicide registrations, as well as information on herbicide labels and restricted uses. Also included are sprayer calibration techniques, suggestions for reducing herbicide drift and a guide to proper spray tip selection.

A spiral-bound hard copy of the 2012 weed guide is available for order through our online store.Louisiana's Suggested Chemical Weed Control Guide for 2005
weed mgmt guide
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