2021 Virtual Rice and Soybean Production Meeting

Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Rice and Soybean Production Meeting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its related protocols, the LSU AgCenter is having to provide information to our stakeholders in different ways. The LSU AgCenter remains committed to providing our stakeholders research and information that helps them make sound production and management decisions and ensures the success of their farming operations. The presentations found here provide updates and discussion on important issues and considerations for various aspects of rice and soybean production for the 2021 production year. While the COVID-19 pandemic does not allow us to meet as we would in the past, this virtual production meeting allows us to continue to provide the information on research and crop management needed by our stakeholders. We hope that you find this information useful and wish you great success in the 2021 production year.

Link to the playlist of the 2021 Virtual Rice and Soybean Production Meeting on YouTube.

2021 Rice Production Update

2021 Rice Agronomy and Fertilization Update

2021 Rice Disease Management Update

2021 Situation Update and Market Outlook for Rice and Soybeans

2021 Crawfish Production Update

2021 Louisiana Rice Variety Update

2021 Rice Weed Management Update

2021 Rice Insect Management Update

2021 Soybean Production Update

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