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Frances Gould  |  10/9/2013 8:24:37 PM

LSU AgCenter rice breeder Dr. Xueyan Sha works on a line of rice being grown in a greenhouse. Sha has a potential Della-type variety, and he also is working on improvements to Jazzman and Jazzman-2.

Photo By: LSU AgCenter

LSU AgCenter rice breeder Dr. Xueyan Sha is nearing completion of a project he started 11 years ago.

The result is an aromatic, Della-type, long-grain rice that would replace Della and Dellrose. He said LA2140 is the line that will be considered for variety release.

It has a more slender and longer grain shape than Della and Dellrose, with a translucent appearance. The popcorn aroma is stronger than Della and Dellrose, Sha said, because it contains a higher amount of the cereal chemistry (2-acetyl- 1-pyrroline) that causes the fragrance.

"It’s going to be a significant yield improvement over Della and Dellrose," Sha added, stressing the new line also has good blast resistance, although it is susceptible to sheath blight and bacterial panicle blight.

In 2011, 3.5 acres were grown at the LSU AgCenter’s Rice Research Station at Crowley to produce 154 hundredweight of foundation seed.

The first cross was made in 2000 using L-205 and Della, resulting in an F1, which was then crossed with Cypress.

In addition, Sha said he is continuing work on a Clearfield line of Jazzman. He said he grew 28 lines in that project in 2011, and he chose three for advanced yield testing. Those three lines will be grown in Puerto Rico this winter for purification and will be made available for multi-location testing in 2012.

The earliest it could be available as a variety would be 2013, Sha said. Sha also is working on a conventional long-grain line, LA2128, similar to Cocodrie and CL151. "It’s consistently performed well at all locations," he said.

Checkoff funds for this
project in 2011: $99,750

(This article was published in the 2012 Louisiana Rice Research Board Annual Report.)

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