2015 Louisiana Rice Research Board-funded projects

The Louisiana Rice Research Board approved continuing funding for 15 LSU AgCenter projects and new funding for three projects during its November 2014 meeting. The 2014 project titles, lead researchers and funding amounts are listed here.

Continuing projects

Ag Economics & Agribusiness Economic
Analysis of Rice Production and Farm Management in Louisiana
Salassi, Michael $40,000

Enhancement of Rice Research and Extension
Linscombe, Steve and Gould, Frankie $39,450

Integrated Management Strategies for Insect Pests of Rice in Louisiana
Stout, Michael $95,850

Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology
Characterization and Utilization of Genetic Traits for Resistance to Multiple Diseases of Rice
Ham, Jong Hyun $47,580

Rice Research Station
Development of Disease Control Practices in Rice
Groth, Donald $68,500

Rice Management Strategies for Efficient Utilization of Agronomic Inputs and Natural Resources
Harrell, Dustin $131,250

Rice Research Station Overall Support
Linscombe, Steve $25,000

Multiple Generation Rice Breeding Nursery
Linscombe, Steve $75,000

Development of Superior Rice Varieties for Louisiana
Linscombe, Steve $506,000

Development of Hybrid Rice and Sheath Blight- Resistant Germplasm for Louisiana
Oard, James $116,100

Marker-Assisted Breeding and Development of Molecular Makers for Important Traits in Louisiana Rice Production
Utomo, Herry $28,875

Rice Grain Quality Enhancement: Characterization of Elite High Protein Lines and Development of Herbicide-Resistant Rice Wenefrida, Ida $23,625

School of Plant, Environmental & Soil Sciences
Breeding Rice Varieties with Tolerance to Abiotic Stresses
Subudi, Prasanta $63,130

Weed Management in Herbicide- Resistant/Tolerant and Conventional Rice
Webster, Eric $145,017

Southwest Region
Louisiana Rice Research Verification Program
Harrell, Dustin $21,000

New projects

Dean Lee Research Station
Development of Remote Sensing Systems for UAVs to Allow Quick and Easy Nutrient Map Generation
Price, Randy $41,500

Biological Sciences
Identifying Low-Arsenic Rice Varieties
Smith, Aaron $19,270

Development of Drought-Tolerant Rice for Louisiana with High Water Use Efficiency Under the Future Cimate Change Scenario Baisakh, Niranjan $20,000

Total for Continuing Project Funding $1,426,377
Total Request for New Projects $80,770
Overall Total Request for 2015 $1,507,147 

3/4/2015 11:02:04 PM
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