2009 Louisiana Rice Research Board Funded Projects

Frances Gould, Schultz, Bruce  |  6/25/2009 11:08:23 PM

Continuing Projects

Agricultural Economics

Economic Analysis of Rice Production and Farm Management in Louisiana
Michael Salassi $40,000


The Panicle Rice Mite: Statewide Survey and Evaluating Crop Rotation as a Management Approach
Natalie Hummel $11,000

Integrated Management Strategies for Insect Pests of Rice in Louisiana
Michael Stout $82,000


Enhancement of Rice Research and Extension Communications
Frankie Gould, Steve Linscombe $25,000

Plant, Environment & Soil Sciences

Development of Rice Germplasm for Sheath Blight Resistance, High Milling and Aroma
James Oard $36,000

Weed Management in Herbicide-Resistant/Tolerant and Conventional Rice
Eric Webster $107,000

Northeast Research Station

Rice Weed Research in Northeast Louisiana
Bill Williams $43,000

Rice Research Station

Rice Research Station Overall Support
Steve Linscombe $12,000

Development of Improved Medium Grain Rice Varieties for Louisiana
S. Brooks Blanche TRQ $25,000

Development of Disease Control Practices in Rice
Don Groth $60,000

Rice Management Strategies for Efficient Utilization of Agronomic Inputs and Natural Resources
Dustin Harrell $120,000

Multiple Generation Rice Breeding Nursery
Steve Linscombe $70,000

Development of Superior Rice Varieties for Louisiana
Steve Linscombe $418,000

Development of Improved Long Grain and Special Purpose Rice Varieties for Louisiana
Xueyan Sha $89,000

Marker-Assisted Breeding and Development of Molecular Markers for Important Traits in Louisiana Rice Production
Herry S. Utomo TRQ $25,000

Southwest Region

Louisiana Rice Research Verification Project
John Saichuk $46,000

TRQ Project Funding $50,000

Checkoff Project Funding $1,159,000

Total Continuing Project Funding $1,209,000

New Projects

Plant, Environment & Soil Sciences

Characterization and Utilization of Genetic Traits for Resistance to Multiple Diseases of Rice
Jong Hyun Ham $21,000

Rice Research Station

Rice Grain Quality Enhancement: Characterization of Grain Quality Among Elite High
Ida Wenefrida $20,000

Total New Project Funding $41,000

Total Funding $1,250,000

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