Rice Stink Bug (Oebalus pugnax)

John K. Saichuk, Stout, Michael J., Castro, Boris A.  |  3/23/2005 2:01:45 AM

Rice stink bugs (Oebalus pugnax) are the most important insect pest of headed rice in Louisiana. The adults are a shiny golden brown. Like other stink bugs, they emit an odor when disturbed.

Rice stink bug nymphs are wingless. The rear half of the body is pinkish and has a row of dots down the center. When they feed on rice from flowering to milk, they reduce yields. If they feed on grain in the soft to hard dough stages, they cause "pecky" rice.

The rice stink bug is easily distinguished from brown stink bugs by their golden color and narrower body. The spines on the shoulders of rice stink bugs are also more pronounced.

Rice Stink Bug (Oebalus pugnax)
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