Rice Insects Photo Galleries

This is a collection of rice insect photographs to help identify and understand rice insects found in Louisiana.

Please click on the links located in the box below to obtain information and view photographs of various rice insects.

Rice Insects Photo Galleries


Beneficial Insects


Black Rice Bug

Chinch Bug


European Corn Borer

Fall Armyworm

Mexican Rice Borer

Panicle Rice Mite

 Rice Leaf Miner

Rice Seed Midge

Rice Stalk Borer

Rice Stink Bug

Rice Water Weevil


South American Rice Miner

Southern Green Stink Bug

Sporadic Pests
(coming soon)

Stored Grain Pest of Rice
(coming soon)

Sugarcane Beetle

Sugarcane Borer


Photographs by Natalie Hummel, Boris Castro, Anna Meszaros, Julien M. Beuzelin, Rita M. Riggio, Johnny Saichuk, and  Bruce Schultz.

Please contact Dr. Natalie Hummel, Dr. Mike Stout, and Dr. Johnny Saichuk for additional information.
8/10/2011 1:40:54 AM
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