Rice Blast Diseases Video

Photos of rice blast disease caused by the fungus Pyricularia oryzae, including fungal signs and symptoms on the plant.

Complete video gallery of the rice White Tip disease photographs:

Slide 1: Ten-day old Pyricularia grisea colony on rice leaf agar showing fungal mycelium and spore formation (blue gray area).

Slide 2: Lemon-shaped Pyricularia oryzae spores produced on agar culture.

Slide 3: Typical Pyricularia oryzae spores produced on the rice plant showing conidia forming on conidiophores.

Slide 4: Pyricularia oryzae spore germination and early infection cushion formation on a rice leaf.

Slide 5: Early blast lesion formation on rice leaves.

Slide 6: A longer type blast leaf lesions.

Slide 7: Older dried rice blast leaf lesions.

Slide 8: Screening for leaf blast resistance in an upland nursery showing dead susceptible plants to undamaged resistant plant symptoms.

Slide 9: Blast leaf lesions on resistant (top leaf) and susceptible (lower leaf) varieties (note smaller and darker lesions on resistant leaves).

Slide 10: Dark shriveled rice stem nodes symptomatic of infection with the rice blast pathogen.

Slide 11: Rice nodes with blast infection symptoms.

Slide 12: Rice flag leaf collars symptomatic of infection with the rice blast pathogen.

Slide 13: Severe blast infection on rice leaf collar.

Slide 14: Rice neck blast.

Slide 15: Rice neck blast showing fungal sporulation.

Slide 16: Neck blast (right and center) versus rotten neck blast (right).

Slide 17: Close up view of neck blast showing tissue damage.

Slide 18: Left to right - very susceptible, susceptible, and moderately resistant reactions to neck blast.

Slide 19: Neck and panicle blast symptoms on rice heads.

Slide 20: Small panicle branches infected with blast.

Slide 21: Rice heads showing symptoms of rotten neck, neck, and collar blast infections.

Slide 22: Severe panicle blast.

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