Rice Disease Publications & Identification

Donald Groth  |  11/16/2010 10:17:31 PM

Rice Disease Identification PowerPoint

An interactive diagnostic guide to the identification of rice diseases based on plant part affected and symptomology.

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation.

Rice Production Handbook

The rice disease chapter has a dichotomous key for rice disease identification.

Click here for the Rice Production Handbook.

Rice Diseases of Louisiana

This publication describes the major rice diseases in the southern United States rice-growing region. Detailed color images of bacterial panicle blight, blast, grain smuts, narrow brown leaf spot, sheath blight, sheath rot, stem rot, water mold and stem rot are included.

Click here for the Rice Diseases of Louisiana.

Rice Disease Fact Sheets

An online only series of fact sheets on rice diseases.

Click here for the rice disease fact sheets.

Fungicide Timing Critical for Maximum Return

Rice diseases pose a major threat to rice production. The two major diseases, sheath blight and blast, cause significant yield and quality reductions that cost farmers millions of dollars each year.

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Cercospora Remains Slight Threat for 2009

The threat of Cercospora will remain a slight possibility for the 2009 crop, even though it hasn’t been a widespread problem since 2006, according to Dr. Don Groth, LSU AgCenter pathologist at the Rice Research Station.

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Resistence Offers Best Solution for Rice Diseases

(Distributed 12/14/06) Developing disease-resistant varieties is the best approach to help farmers fight diseases that afflict rice, said Dr. Don Groth, LSU AgCenter plant pathologist at the Rice Research Station in Crowley.

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Diseases Cause Millions in Crop Damage; Scientist Looking for New Ways to Fight Them

(Distributed 06/11/04) Dr. Don Groth held up a Petri dish containing a few spots of a dark mold, and then posed a question. "You wouldn’t think that would cause $10 million to $20 million worth of damage a year, would you?" asked Groth, a plant pathologist at the LSU AgCenter’s Rice Research Station near Crowley.

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Rice Varieties and Management Tips

2011 recommendations for rice varieties and management tips for them. Decisions about rice varieties are some of the most critical you will make, and those deicisions have to be made early each year. The information in this publication will help you decide which rice varieties are best suited to your particular growing conditions. (PDF Format Only)

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Rice Disease Control Project

The objective of the Rice Pathology Project is to develop an integrated disease management program that effectively and economically reduces rice diseases. This project is headed by Dr. Don Groth.

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Plant Disease Management Guide 2011

This guide for 2011 contains suggestions for management of the most important or more prevalent diseases of Louisiana plants. It includes information on fungicides, bactericides and nematicides, as well as safety precautions for using them.

Click here for the 2011 Plant Disease Management Guide.

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