Blueberry Mealybug

Denise Attaway  |  4/1/2011 11:57:24 PM

Blueberry mealybug. Photo courtesy of John Meyer, North Carolina State University.

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Blueberry mealybugs
are 0.12 inch to 0.16 inch long and white to light pink with a waxy covering.

  • Adult female mealybugs lay light brown, oval eggs in a white, fluffy material near plant roots.
  • Mealybugs are found on the roots of plants, usually in association with ant colonies.


  • The presence of ants or ant colonies around a blueberry plant's root system is usually an indication mealybugs are present on blueberry roots.
  • Plants must be unearthed to confirm infestations.


  • High populations can lead to poor plant growth and decline.


  • Contact your local Cooperative Extension Service office for recommendations for your area.


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