2008 Extension Demonstrations

David Y. Lanclos, Ferguson, Robert E.  |  12/10/2008 2:17:01 AM

Parish Cooperator
Avoyelles Tommy Laborde (RR)
Tommy Laborde (RRBt)
Beauregard David Smith (RR)
David Smith (RRBt)
Caddo Dr. Ron Levy, Rob Ferguson, Jim Shipp (RR)
East Carroll C & C Partnership (RR)
C & C Partnership (RRBt)
Franklin Ricky Campbell, Jr (RRBt)
Madison Collins Farm (RR)
Collins Farm (RRBt)
Ken Newton, Bill Gilfoil (RR)
Ken Newton, Bill Gilfoil (RRBt)
Morehouse Harper Armstrong (RR)
Jason and Justin Stutts (RRBt)
Pointe Coupee

R. Schexnayder and Sons (RR)
George LaCour (RRBt)


Dean Lee Research & Extension Center (RR)

Richland Golmine Plantation - Ritchie Morris (RRBt)
West Carroll Fairchild Farms (RR)
Fairchild Farms (RRBt)
William Stutts (RR)
William Stutts (RRBt)
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