Task 3: Feedstock Logistics and Preprocessing

4/5/2012 11:50:01 PM

Task 3.1. Harvesting trials

    The effectiveness of existing cane harvesting equipment for energycane and sweet sorghum 
    will be evaluated in collaboration with John Deere.

Task 3.2. Transportation modeling

    The optimal biofuel processing facility location will be assessed through transportation
    model analysis using mathematical optimization procedures.

Task 3.3. Biomass storage

    Bagasse must be stored for inter-season processing and energy generation. Sugarcane 
    bagasse will be sampled and analyzed for chemical composition from commercial piles as a 
    reference base. Samples of energycane and sweet sorghum bagasse will be generated at 
    the pilot plant facility at LSU AgCenter and evaluated against the base reference using 
    standardized NREL procedures.

Task 3.4. Crop preprocessing

    Using the universal pilot facility, preprocessing strategies will be optimized depending on 
    downstream requirements. Milling and diffusion efficiencies will be compared, and
    separation targets will be established for each conversion technology.

Task 3.5. Bagasse drying

    A 30-ton-per-hour bagasse-drying facility at the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of
    Florida (funded separately from the current proposal) will be used to study technical and 
    economic feasibility for preprocessing fiber (bagasse) for co-generation, pelletizing or
    gasification options.

Task 3. Accomplishments

    Please click here for accomplishments related to Task 3 of the Sustainable Bioproducts Initiative.

Task 3: Collaborators

Daira Aragon Mena, LSU AgCenter
Don Day, Audubon Sugar Institute, LSU AgCenter
Giovanna Aita, Audubon Sugar Institute, LSU AgCenter
Franz Ehrenhauser, Audubon Sugar Institute, LSU AgCenter
Jesse Lopez, John Deere
Jose F. Alvarez, Sugar Cane Growers Coop of Florida
Larry Falconer, Extension Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University
Mark Suhr, MS Processes International
Michael Salassi, Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness, LSU AgCenter
Tyler Mark, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Kentucky

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