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Machine harvest of energycane
Managing insect pests and diseases in multi-use landscapes of bioenergy and conventional cropping systems in the Gulf Coast
The expected large-scale production of bioenergy crops will significantly impact the abundance of different plant inhabiting insects and diseases, and will require modification of existing pest management programs. The overall goal of this research is to build a landscape-wide pest management program that will mitigate insect pest and disease pressures and damage to energy crops in interaction with conventional crops in the U.S. Gulf Coast region.

Insect Pests and Diseases in Bioenergy Crops
With plentiful rainfall, abundant land and mild winters, south Louisiana is among the geographic regions with the highest potential for production of dedicated cellulosic bioenergy crops, especially energycane and high-biomass sorghum.However, insect pests and diseases have historically been major yield-limiting factors in the South. 

SUBI Environmental Topics
This page lists articles addressing environmental topics associated with growing crops to use in the biofuels/bioproducts industry.

Plant Diagnostic Center
The staff of the Plant Diagnostic Center has the training and experience to help solve problems associated with unhealthy plants. Before submitting a sample, however, contact the local LSU AgCenter extension agent. Agents are familiar with many of the common plant problems and can help evaluate the situation as well as collect and submit the appropriate samples.

Soil Testing Lab
The vitality of a lawn and/or garden depends on the soil, but soil properties are often overlooked. Soil testing provides information needed to treat the soil so that plants will flourish. Tests conducted in the Soil Testing Lab include: soil, nutritional status of plants, as well as irrigation and pond water.

USDA: Web Soil Survey
Web Soil Survey (WSS) provides soil data and information produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey.

Energycane insect pests
Several insect pests attack energycane and sugarcane in Louisiana. Information related to hemipteran pests (true bugs) and soil insects can be found on this page.

Energycane weed guide
Because energycane is a hybrid of sugarcane, the same weeds that affect sugarcane also affect energycane. This weed guide lists weeds producers should be aware of.
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