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Carlen Ensley, Marceaux, Jennifer S.  |  12/23/2011 1:46:02 AM

Expansion of energy cane and sweet sorghum beyond traditional boundaries.

Task 1: Feedstock Development

Task 2: Sustainable Feedstock Production

Task 3: Feedstock Logistics and Preprocessing


    General and specific adaptability to climate and soil conditions.
    Economic yield of carbohydrates and fiber.
    Cold tolerance.
    Pest resistance.
    What traits need to be enhanced based on the desired products?

Our Approach

    Extension breeding, selection, testing program for energy cane to find genotypes adapted 
    to the southeastern United States.

    Feedback to breeders from processors of fuels/chemicals.

Group Expertise

    Experienced group of crop specialists with extensive knowledge of production of energy
    cane and sweet sorghum:

LSU AgCenter - Lead Institution
John Deere
Louisiana State University
Mississippi State University
MS Processes International
Sugar Cane Growers Coop of Florida
University of Arkansas At Monticello
University Wisconsin-Madison

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