A short course on Essentials of Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers

Carlen Ensley, Attaway, Denise  |  1/22/2014 10:58:04 PM

Jack Hipple

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In today’s workplace, non-engineers are increasingly expected to work with chemical engineers on projects, scale-ups and process evaluations. But to do so, they need a solid understanding of basic concepts of chemical engineering analysis, design and calculations. View these videos featuring chemical engineering expert Jack Hipple and gain knowledge of the fundamentals of chemical engineering you need to understand, communicate with and work with chemical engineers. These videos are aimed at conversion of agricultural feedstocks into biofuels and biochemicals, and is intended as an introduction to chemical engineering for engineers working on agricultural feedstock development, production and processing for bioprocesses. This video series is supported by Agriculture and Food Research Initiative competitive grant no. 2011-69005-30515 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Master the fundamentals of chemical engineering

By viewing these videos, you’ll learn how to hold your own in discussions on safety, industrial hygiene and reactive chemicals. You’ll gain an understanding of the basics of fluid flow, heat transfer, heat exchanger design, absorption, stripping, chromatography, membranes, etc., and how to apply them. You’ll also get up to speed on solids handling and tank and vessel design and how use this knowledge to sharpen projects and evaluations. Through case studies, you’ll see the concepts you learn in action so you can apply them in your workplace when collaborating with chemical engineers on projects, chemistry scale-ups, process evaluations and other initiatives.


Jack Hipple is a 30-year veteran of the chemical industry, including responsibility for global chemical engineering research at Dow Chemical as well as its Discovery Research New Ventures program. He has also managed chemical material technology projects for the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, new product development for Ansell Edmont in the protective equipment area, and process scale-up for aerogel materials at Cabot Corporation. He is currently principal with Innovation-TRIZ, providing consulting and innovation training.

These videos are password-protected. To get the password for access, contact Krishnaswamy Nandakumar. After you receive the password, click on the links below to register and view the videos.


Lesson 1: Chemical Engineering vs. Chemistry

Lesson 2: Stoichiometry and Economics

Lesson 3: Kinetics and Reaction Engineering

Lesson 4: Fluid Flow, Pumps, Viscosity, Laminar vs. Turbulent Flow

Lesson 5: Heat Transfer and Heat Exchanges

Lesson 6: Distillation

Lesson 7: Absorption and Stripping

Lesson 8: Ion Exchange, Chromatography, Membranes, Evaporation, Crystallization
Lesson 9: Filtration and Clarification

Lesson 10: Drying and Solids Handling

Lesson 11: Tanks and Vessels

Lesson 12: Process Control and Control Valves

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