Task 7: Extension

Kenneth Gravois, Attaway, Denise  |  4/6/2012 12:14:15 AM

Task 7.1. A series of educational interventions.

    For a sustainable industry to flourish, there must be a change in attitude and opinion 
    regarding the feasibility of bioenergy production as well as a change in knowledge of and 
    adoption of the best practices. An extension team will provide a series of educational 
    interventions – face-to-face and virtual – including fields days, field demonstrations and 
    grower/processor meetings.

Task 7.2. On-farm planting and cultivation field demonstrations.

    Demonstrations for early adopter energy cane and sweet sorghum producers will be done by
    crop specialists in cooperation with equipment manufacturers.

Task 7.3. Pilot facility demonstrations.

    Industry processing partners will have the advantage of classroom information and 
    demonstrations from the pilot-scale feedstock processing factory at Audubon Sugar Institute.

Task 7.4. Evaluation Plan.

    In order to evaluate attitudes, opinions, current levels of interest and knowledge regarding 
    bioenergy production and processing, surveys will be conducted with producers and 
    processors. The initial surveys in year one of the program will establish baseline attitude
    and knowledge data for this project.

Task 7: Accomplishments

    Please click here for accomplishments related to Task 7 of the Sustainable Bioproducts Initiative.

Task 7: Collaborators

Kenneth Gravois, LSU AgCenter, Section Leader
Benjamin Legendre, LSU AgCenter
Debra Davis, LSU AgCenter
Don Day, LSU AgCenter
Giovanna Aita, LSU AgCenter
Montgomery "Wink" Alison, LSU AgCenter

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