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Carlen Ensley, Attaway, Denise  |  7/31/2014 1:03:09 AM

LSU AgCenter announces bioenergy conference
To help Louisiana producers and residents become more acquainted with the bioenergy industry, the LSU AgCenter is holding a conference titled “Bioenergy: A Focus on Louisiana” on Oct. 21.

Elements of Heat Transfer for Biological Applications
(Video) The objective of this course is to teach the fundamentals of heat transfer and principles governing heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation). Both steady-state and transient heat transfer will be covered in this course. Transient heat transfer is limited to 1-D, flatplates, with symmetrical temperature profiles and convection at surface. Note: These videos are password-protected. Read for instructions on how to receive a password.

Fundamentals of Biological Kinetics and Bioreactor Design
(Video) The objective of this course is to teach the general principles and applications of major types of biological reactors. The course also is designed to help students learn to integrate the principles of microbial growth kinetics with the design and/or modeling of biological reactor systems used in wastewater treatment, bioprocessing and biotechnology. Note: These videos are password-protected. Read for instruction on how to receive a password.

A short course on ‘Essentials of Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers’

(Video) The videos in this series are aimed at conversion of agricultural feedstocks into biofuels and biochemicals, and are intended as an introduction to chemical engineering for engineers working on agricultural feedstock development, production and processing for bioprocesses. Note: These videos are password-protected. Read for instructions on how to receive a password.

Sustaining the Earth: An Engineering Approach
(Video) Videos in this series are designed to help students gain an understanding of sustainability and how it applies to green engineering processing and design. By watching these videos, students also will learn how to determine how design decisions and material selection affect environmental impact and costs, as well as how to construct a life cycle assessment (LCA) and how to apply LCA tools to engineering processing and design. In addition, students will learn how to apply green engineering principles and LCA through a design project, and how the human dimension is integrated into sustainable design and materials.
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