Task 4: Feedstock Conversion/Refining

Carlen Ensley  |  3/27/2012 12:57:22 AM

Task 4.1. Expansion of processing facility.

    An existing flexible and multi-feedstock LSU AgCenter processing facility will be expanded 
    to the processing capacity of 1-2 tons/hr.

Task 4.2. Processing of selected feed stocks.

    The feedstocks selected based on the inputs from the agricultural R&D program will be 
    grown and harvested at the LSU AgCenter research stations and processed at the multi-
    feedstock pilot facility to syrup phase.

Task 4.3. Lignocellulosic pretreatment technologies.

    Pretreatment technologies will be evaluated on the fiber portion of the feedstock, obtained 
    from pilot plant operations and optimized for the release of monomeric sugars for the 
    production of butanol, gasoline and chemicals.

Task 4.4. Butanol production.

    Full production cycle for butanol production from sweet sorghum and energy cane will be 
    demonstrated in the pilot facility.

Task 4.5. Gasoline, isoprene and other chemical production.

    Experimental lots of energy cane and sweet sorghum will be preprocessed at the pilot 
    facility and shipped to our industry partners.

Task 4.6 Material and heat balances.

    Mass and energy balances for the various operating scenarios will be established for each 
    pathway of conversion of sweet sorghum and energy cane into fuels and chemicals.

Task 4.7 Cogeneration.

    A portion of the plant fiber will be used in the boilers to generate renewable power and heat 
    required for a specific conversion technology.

Task 4.8 Environmental assessment.

    The project environmental team will gather data on the quality and quantity of water influent 
    and effluent for each end product and incorporate the information into an integrated life cycle 

Task 4: Accomplishments.

     Please click here for accomplishments related to Task 4 of the Sustainable Bioproducts Initiative.

Task 4: Collaborators

Don Day, LSU AgCenter - Section Leader
Andrew Held, Virent, Inc.
Collins Kimbeng, LSU AgCenter
Daira Aragon Mena, LSU AgCenter
Giovanna Aita, LSU AgCenter
Greg Bohlmann, DuPont
Iryna Tishechkina, LSU AgCenter
Jack Oswald,  SynGest
Julie King, LSU AgCenter
Lenn Stuart Goudeau, LSU AgCenter
Kelly Rusch, LSU
Maria Teresa Gutierrez-Wing, LSU
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