SUBI Conversion Technologies Overview

Carlen Ensley, Marceaux, Jennifer S.  |  12/23/2011 2:06:49 AM

Task 4: Feedstock Conversion/Refining


    Absence of nonproprietary experimental facilities next to growing area 
    for processing variable feedstocks into multiple products.

    Sugars derived from various crops are not available for testing of conversion

Our Approach

    Use and expansion of existing regional pilot and industrial facilities to 
    demonstrate production of gasoline, jet fuels, butanol, isoprene and bioplastics.

Group Expertise

    Demonstrated ability to operate pilot facilities for biomass-related projects
    with leading conversion companies and scale-up of pilot data.

Task 4 Accomplishments

     Link to accomplishments related to Task 4.

LSU AgCenter - Lead Institution
Louisiana State University
Virent, Inc

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