Louisiana Institute For Biofuels & Bioprocessing

The Louisiana Institute for Biofuels and Bioprocessing (LIBBi) is a research, education and outreach initiative of the LSU AgCenter. The institute is designed to serve as a source for reliable, science-based information to support planning and decision making by emerging biofuels and bioprocessing industries in the state. The institute links our state’s agricultural base with emerging bioenergy initiatives, thereby expanding and strengthening local, state and regional economies.

Louisiana has a strong agriculture base that supports an array of crops, livestock enterprises and forest species. Many of these products have the potential to be used as raw material in fuel and chemical enterprises. These factors, coupled with existing industrial capacity, fuel and processing, have positioned Louisiana to be a strong player in the biofuel and bioprocessing area.

The Institute’s Objectives:

  • Develop economically and ecologically viable technologies to produce biofuels, polymers and specialty chemicals from agricultural crops and forest species in Louisiana.
  • Prioritize directions for biofuel and bioprocessing efforts to ensure sustainability and compatibility with Louisiana agricultural industries.
  • Facilitate information exchange and foster collaboration among stakeholders at all levels.
  • Deliver technical expertise and science-based information to industry clientele, policymakers and the public.
  • Provide training and educational opportunities for professionals in emerging biofuels and bioprocessing industries.

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