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Philanthropic funding has supported Ag Leadership for more than 20 years.

The following endowments currently fund the activities of each participant in the program.

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Chalkley Family Endowed Chair

The Chalkley Family Endowed Chair is the oldest endowed fund for Ag Leadership. Mrs. Laura Leach, her husband Buddy and her late brother, Henry Chalkley Alexander, established the endowment in 1994.

H. Rouse Caffey LSU Agricultural Leadership Program

Donated by Dr. H. Rouse Caffey after his retirement as Chancellor of the LSU AgCenter. Dr. Caffey was instrumental in developing the Ag Leadership program.

Robert R. Soileau Ag Leadership Scholarship Fund

Named after the first director of the program, Dr. Soileau. He was the director of the program from 1987 – 1997. The fund helps with financial assistance for participants with the Ag Leadership program fee.

Ag Leaders of Louisiana Endowment Fund

Founded by the alumni association of the program, Ag Leaders of Louisiana..

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Why Support Ag Leadership?

The LSU AgCenter Leadership program provides opportunities for young professionals to strengthen agriculture in Louisiana from sugarcane to rice to crawfish and many more. When you support LSU Ag Leadership you're supporting agriculture in Louisiana.

What will your Support go to?

Your donation will go towards the travel, tours & seminars put on for each class that comes through the program.

Is this a charitable donation?

A donation to the LSU Foundation on behalf of the LSU Ag Leadership is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your donation may qualify as a charitable donation for federal income taxes. Please consult with a tax advisor.

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