What is Broadband?
High-speed (broadband) Internet connections are being made available to rural areas of Louisiana, and the LSU AgCenter is preparing people to take advantage of this resource through an educational program called Connect My Louisiana. “What is Broadband?” is the first class in the series and will cover various types of broadband, explain connection speeds, and where to find broadband in your area.

Introduction to Tablets
Every day we rely more on Mobile Broadband. Discover one of the fastest growing digital devices on the market today, the Tablet. We will explore the iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and more. Included is a discussion on applications for consumer and business use. Find out what are the advantages and limitations of an electronic tablet device.

Introduction to 3D Printing
A basic introductory session that provides an overview of 3D Printing technology. Includes a demonstration, examples and cost points. The session provides an introduction into making a prototype for a business, selling items online, 3D printing items for resale, hobbyists, businesses, etc…

Intro to eBooks
eBooks are a great way to promote products and ideas. This seminar will cover if and why you should create an eBook, free vs paid, the steps for publishing and how to promote and sale your eBook. Tips and recommendations included.


This workshop will provide information on the USDA's dietary guidelines using the new "My Plate" icon. We will be learning about the features available on their new website. My Plate is a new icon that is simpler to use than the traditional food guide pyramid. Learning how to use My Plate will guide you in making good decisions about what you should eat. The website also allows you to personalize your food plan based on age, height, weight, and activity level.There is also a guide to help you determine which food group a particular food should go into and its calorie content.


Introduction to Online Business
The nature of online business is changing rapidly with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogg and many more social networking sites. Therefore, establishing an online presence for business is increasingly easy and low cost. This class presents participants with important global online business trends and the steps necessary to establish a successful online business.

Introduction to Selling Online
Selling your handmade items, crafts and vintage items on the internet has never been easier, this work shop will introduce you to a few of the online tools available to sale items on line and help you determine which tool is the right fit for the items you have for sale. Each of the different tools has different markets, different seller fees and different options; correctly determining which tool you use can impact your profit

Louisiana Market Maker
Louisiana Market Maker is an exciting Web-based marketing tool providing links between agricultural producers and potential buyers of food products. In addition to a searchable database of markets and growers, Louisiana MarketMaker also contains a wealth of demographic and business data to help agricultural producers identify potential markets for their products. This is a step by step presentation on how to get your business on the Louisiana Market Maker site.

Social Media

Introduction to Twitter
Twitter is a simple micro blogging service built around the concept of instant messaging with short updates- less than 140 characters. You can post updates using the twitter website, software on a browser, mobile phone or through instant messages. This class will cover creating an account, setting up a profile, and creating and reading tweets.

Using Social Media for Business and Personal Life
Each type of social media has a different focus, from text updates to photos and videos. What you need to do is figure out which one or how many you want to use. This presentation will give you an overview of the various types of social media out there and what each one does, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, You Tube, Pinterest and Blogs.

Optimizing Social Media
Using Social Media is now a necessity in promoting business and reaching clientele. This session covers connecting and reaching with customers and friends, promoting events, boostings posts (and tweets), utilizing social advertising and reviewing platform analytics.


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